New details are emerging in the murder of two people found in a burning car. One of the victims is the daughter of a well-respected retired judge. Adam May has new exclusive details in the investigation. We’ve also learned the victims were dating. Now police are trying to figure out who killed the couple execution style. Friends say 33-year-old Alysia Nicole Strickland and 34-year-old Taewon “Tae” Tuck were a happy, serious couple. Strickland was enrolled in Morgan State University’s architecture program. Tuck is described as fun, caring and loving. View Source.

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An 11-year-old girl ran to a neighbor’s house and called 911 Monday morning when she witnessed a suspect attempt to break into

her Glen Burnie residence, police said. Officers responded to the home in the 700 block of Wesley Road around 7:24 a.m. Monday for a residential burglary in progress. The 11-year-old girl was waiting to leave for school when she heard loud banging coming Read More...

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